Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I love when teachers share ideas for the benefit of all children! It really does take a village to raise the children in our SCHOOLS, not just the children in our class. And, in truth, aren't ALL children "ours", not just the particular ones that fill the seats within the walls of our classrooms?

All this to say that when I come across units that teachers have shared online I get excited! Whether it is material I purchase through Teachers Pay Teachers or find on a blog...I love seeing how others approach thematic instruction or a certain standard/skill in their class. And, it is especially exciting when a teacher is generous enough to share their unit for free.

Today, in preparing for a"Pirate/Princess" themed Summer Camp, we found two resources with some really good stuff in them! I would like to provide you with the links to their free downloads so if you are looking for some Preschool Pirate activities you can find some resources that have already been created! I will continue to post things we plan and find on Pinterest!

Please visit these two links to download complete Pirate Packets!

This image was found on Pinterest and is available through 2 Teaching Mommies - To download packet, visit their website here.

Here are some other favorites from Pinterest:

This image was found on Pinterest (linked back to

Here are some wonderful princess resources, including these great ideas from her ( website:

Please visit their website to download a great "Princess Packet"



Also, be sure to watch this youtube video: Backyardigans Singing A Pirate Says Arr  Then, visit Nick Jr to find free pirate printables of the Backyardian "Pirates"!

I cut them out and taped them to wooden sticks for our preschoolers to use.

                    Then, I preassembled the supplies for the little ones to make their own pirate ship.

Thanks to this blog for sharing the idea of the pirate ship and the Backyardigans!! Another great resource for Pirate planning can be found on Speech Room News.

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