Saturday, August 30, 2014

Welcome to our Room

Welcome to our Pre-K 3 classroom! I teach at an amazing private, Christian Pre-School and Kindergarten. I am blessed with an wonderful assistant, Mrs. Britton and a small class! My journey over the years has taken me from many years of public schools, to staying at home with my children and now back into the classroom part time! It has been such a Godsend to find my way back into the classroom, especially at the school where my children attend! Though my school has several Pre-K 3 year old rooms that meet M-F, my class is a 3 day a week M/W/F class. I love it!

Come on into our room and let me show you around. This is our Writing Center and our Focus Board. While teaching public school, I used the curriculum SRA's Imagine It. In this curriculum, we had a Thematic Concept Board that helped the children focus our ideas and learning objectives for the unit. I decided to incorporate something similar into our classroom. 

This is our Focus Board. I have many of the resources I knew that I wanted to have on this board on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Teachers, if you are interested, the resources can be found on TPT in the stores listed below. I am not affiliated with any of these stores- just sharing great resources! I will also note the price for each resource at the time I purchased it.

Headings: I created them in Powerpoint
The Letters: Cara Caroll's ABC Packet ($11)
Form (Letter Formation Poems): Simply Kinder's Alphabet Writing Letter ($5)
Colors: The Teacher Gene ($2)
Shapes:Brooke Beynon ($3.50)
Numbers: Number Anchor Charts by Cara Carroll ($5)
Sight Words: I joined the  website, Reading A-Z to find age appropriate resources, printable books and lesson plans not only for my Pre-K 3 class, but also for my own 5 year old. I won't start sight words until after Christmas with my class.

                  Using Students' Pictures as Tools in the Classroom

                 Birthday Chart                                     Centers Display

After seeing several charts on Pinterest of ways to displays students' birthdays, I decided to make one myself. After school starts, I will take the children's pictures by their birthday month. For example, if two have birthdays in June they will stand together for a June Birthday picture and I will add it to our Birthday Chart.  I also use pictures to not only show the children what center they are going to for the day but also to show them what part of the room to go to. Here is a closer look at our Centers board.

I created this, A Servant's Heart Job Chart for our classroom you can find it on TPT here.  We will also use the students' pictures as a weekly part of our instruction. My sweet helper is showing how we will use this Kim Adsit picture chart during our Preschool Orientation. Students will choose a picture card of something they would like to do while at school and put it next to their photo. 

Here a some more photos of our room! Enjoy! 

 Hope you enjoyed a quick little tour of our classroom!

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