Thursday, August 22, 2013

Classroom Birthday Board

This was today's project in my classroom. I wish I could say that I'm such a planner that I knew this is exactly what I was going to do when I started but alas I'm not! I was inspired by the greatest teaching tool  distraction, Pinterest! All over Pinterest I have been seeing the super cute Birthday displays that show the months of the year with the kiddos pictures taken & placed under their birthday month. 

I started with that idea but decided I wanted something a little more "Pre-K"-ish in addition to the pictures so I started cutting construction paper and broke out the yarn! My little people at the top are made out of construction paper, yarn, google eyes, and a birthday crown.

 Many thanks to a quick TPT search to find a free month-to-month label set. I minimized the set before I printed so that they would be smaller. I think I printed the labels at 60%. Many thanks to the super sweet One's teacher, Mrs. Shannon, across the hall from me! She saved me so much time by giving me some pre-cut & laminated balloons that she had and was not using anymore! It takes a village! Thank you Shannon :) 

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