Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Teachers Pay Teachers

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Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a staff development training by the great Kim Adsit. I  was immediately inspired by her captivating spirit and her love of teaching! She shared many brilliant ideas of ways to turn dollar store finds into hands on curriculum for young learners.  I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about her many years spent teaching kindergarten and how she now travels the country speaking and presenting. Through her presentation, I noticed her work she referenced on Teachers Pay Teachers. It made me reflect on the countless hours I have spent over the last several years creating and sharing curriculum, files and activities for my classroom. She made me begin to realize how I could reach outside the "documents" folder on my desktop, on to the actual desktops of teachers world wide through Teachers pay teachers(TpT)! This past weekend, I spend several hours reading through the great teacher forums on the TpT website to begin to learn how to create documents. This is a wonderful resource for anyone considering starting a TpT store. I was surprised to learn that many sellers create documents through Powerpoint instead of Word! It is expressed in the forums how much easier it is to format the layout through powerpoint. There are also many constructive posts on how to create cover sheets, credit pages and overall store development. I am excited about this new adventure of sharing my work in a new way! Currently, I have one listing in the store because I seriously spent all weekend editing and revising it until I was satisfied enough to post it! Haha! So, my technique needs to become a little more efficient but otherwise, I am enjoying a new way to create and hopefully inspire others! I love the idea of a place where teachers can come together to share ideas, innovations and creativity while having a chance to be compensated for their work! I encourage all teachers to consider exploring this website as a way to continue to grow in the work we do and strive for excellence in the products we create. To visit my new Teachers Pay Teacher store for your FREE back to school download, please visit: here.

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