Friday, August 17, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray! It's Olympics Book Club Day!

It is a special blessing to be raising children with the support of other moms! Welcome to our loud, chaotic, FUN, Olympic's Book Club! After having to reschedule twice we finally had time for some red, white and blue fun! 

                      Let's sort colored M&M's and use them to make the olympic rings! Yummy!!
                                    Everyone is busy at work! Eating... Sorting M&M's
                                              Good Job! Look at all of your colors!!
                                       Now, let's paint with Bingo Markers!
                                                    And sort with Unifix cubes!
                                                       Can you make a pattern?

                                                          Now, let's make a flag!

                                                        The littlest learner in the room :)

                             Can you create an olympic medal on the light table using pattern blocks?

                      Olympic T-shirts with potato stamps (cut up a potato into the shape of a torch and flame)

                                                      Let's draw the olympic rings!

                                                               ....and make music!

                                             Isn't it fun to learn and play with friends?

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  1. Jenny,
    Thank you so much for all you do. Book Club was so impressive and well thought out. You are a truly gifted teacher with a gracious heart and generous spirit. Thank you for sharing, caring, and allowing Eli and I to be a part of such an awesome journey.